Toothaches are a dreaded part of life. If you talk to anyone who has ever had one, he might tell you that it is some of the worst pain he has ever experienced. Do teeth give any warning signs before becoming a raging toothache? Are there any symptoms that can point to the need to see your dentist right away? Symptoms such as sensitivity when eating, pain that worsens at night, or abnormalities on the gums can point you in the direction of a dental professional.

Sensitivity When Eating

Sensitivity to extremely cold and extremely hot foods does not always mean that you have a bad tooth. Often, tooth sensitivity is normal and can increase as you age. However, pain that lingers after drinking a cold beverage or eating something sweet can mean that you are having a problem with a tooth or teeth. Pay attention to where the pain is; if the pain continues in one specific area over days, you may have a tooth that is decayed or infected. If all of your teeth seem to be sensitive but the sensitivity does not linger, a toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth might solve the problem. Either way, seeing your dentist could help identify any issues.

Tooth Pain at Night

A tooth that is abscessed or badly decayed often hurts worse at night. You may notice that the pain starts out as a mild ache around bedtime, but over days or weeks, the pain may progress to a throbbing toothache. Any pain that happens more than one day in a row is something that may need to be addressed with your dentist. Seeing your dentist before you are up all night because of a toothache can save you from a lot of pain, stress, and exhaustion.

Abnormalities on the Gums

Abscessed teeth can cause a pimple-like bump to rise on the gums near the infected tooth. These bumps are drainage paths for the infection. Although the bump may not cause any pain or discomfort, if you notice anything unusual on your gums,  it is recommended that you see your dentist. These drainage tracts can keep the infection cleared enough that you are not experiencing pain, but an abscessed tooth that remains untreated can cause severe pain later.

Before you are up all night with a toothache, be attentive to any warning signs your teeth may be giving. If you have any of these early warning signs of tooth trouble, schedule an appointment with your dentist today.


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