What to Remember When Visiting Your Physical Therapist

A person may attend physical therapy for a number of reasons. In most cases, a physical therapist for physical therapy, is sought for aches, pains, and impairments. A care plan is created for each individual, based on his or her specific needs. Clinics take pride in offering quality and supportive services for those who need assistance gaining strength and increased mobility. 

Through our work, we help people obtain a sense of independence in their everyday life. When visiting with your physical therapist, there a few things to remember in order to get the most out of your treatments:

Your Physical Therapist is Not a Trainer

Sometimes, people confuse us with personal trainers, who are members of a fitness team for a gym or exercise facility. Trainers can help keep a person motivated to achieve goals related to weight loss, stamina, muscle gain, and more. A physical therapist is different from a personal trainer in that he or she is a license professional, that had to attend many years of schooling and complete hands-on experience before accepting patients. 

Exercises May Seem Easy

A physical therapist may use certain exercises to help heal your body and feel better overall. Anticipate that some exercises may be intentionally easy, while others are more challenging. Each serve a purpose towards your wellness goals. Simple and easy movements that are performed repetitively can assist in ingraining movement patterns for daily functioning.  

Don’t Exaggerate Your Pain Level

During a session, your physical therapist may ask what your pain level is from 1 to 10. Those who are in pain may exaggerate and state their pain is above ten. Your physical therapist doesn’t just use this scale to find out if you are enduring any pain at all, but to what degree to determine if the treatment is helpful or hurtful. For example, mild degrees of discomfort may be a sign that an exercise is working. To a physical therapist, a score of 0 means there is absolutely no pain, while a 10 means a trip to the emergency room is needed. 

Keep Up on Doctor Prescribed Medications

A physical therapist may be aware of the types of medications you are taking, but is not necessarily permitted to tell you whether or not you should take these prescriptions. We are likely to encourage you to continue taking them as instructed by your doctor. A physical therapist may be able to offer insight into how these medications can help your rehabilitation, but any additional questions should be directed to your physician. 

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