Reston, VA Couples Counseling Specialists

Reston, VA Couples Counseling Specialists

If your marriage or romantic partnership is weathering tough times, you might be considering the benefits of couples counseling. This is a brave step forward and one worthy of serious contemplation. As you research your options, it is important to connect with a couples counselor whose approach suits your unique needs and priorities. As experienced Reston, VA couples counseling specialists – including those who practice at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates – can confirm, if you work with a couples counselor whose approach “fits” your relationship situation, your work together can produce profound results. 

However, there are some practical questions to ask a potential counselor, even before you schedule a consultation to learn more about their approach. Make sure that the “ins and outs” of their schedule, insurance coverage, etc. meets your needs before you take your next steps. 

Do You See Patients After Working Hours?

If you are planning to see a private practice therapist, they will typically set hours based on their personal schedule. It might be more convenient for the therapist to work at night while their spouse is home with the kids. It might make more financial sense for the therapist to work during business hours. The best way to find out when your therapist meets with patients is to ask. If they typically see patients during business hours, and you need an after-hours appointment, there’s a chance an exception will be made.

Do You Accept My Insurance?

Each insurance company offers different coverage in different plans. Each therapist also accepts different policies. If you previously saw a different therapist for a related issue, and they accepted your insurance, there’s still a chance this new therapist won’t accept the insurance coverage. It’s important you ask beforehand. If you really want that particular therapist and coverage isn’t an option, speak with them about payment options or discounts.

Do Both Spouses Attend Every Session?

Depending on your specific circumstances, you and your spouse may attend some sessions together, and some separately. Sometimes it takes some personal time away from each other to get your head on straight, and that’s okay. If you feel like working separately for a time will be worth your while, but the therapist refuses to see you in any way other than together as a couple, you may want to try for a different therapist.

Do You Have a Cap on the Number of Appointments?

You can’t put a time limit on recovery. Especially if you are dealing with significant issues in your marriage, you’ll want the process to naturally run its course. Ask the therapist if they place a cap on the amount of appointments you’re allowed to have. One therapist might be more lenient with time, while another might have a specific number they stick to with every couple.

Contacting a Marriage Counselor to Learn More

Marriage therapy isn’t something you should take lightly. It may take just the right professional to help you get your marriage back on track. Contact an experienced couples counselor today to get your questions answered and to learn more.