Why is Global Health Important? Why is Global Health Important?

The Importance of Global Health

Global health is important for many different reasons. It is usually a term that relates to the health of populations in the global context. There are many different definitions of global health but as a general definition, global health is the area of study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for ALL people worldwide. It is often examined and discussed within the context of health problems that can and/or have the potential to cross international borders. These are often looked at through the lens of the political and/or economic impacts they will have, at both the local and international levels..

Improving Global Health

Global health is concerned with worldwide health improvement, including mental health, reducing disparities, and protection against global threats that cross national and international borders. 

Global health is looking at health care in an international and interdisciplinary context. Global health initiatives take into account both medical and non-medical disciplines. Areas of study for gathering global health information and data include but are not limited to epidemiology, sociology, economics, public policy, cultural studies, geography, environment and environmental factors, to name just a few. 

Importance of Global Health

Global health is important to people in the U.S. because of things such as disease prevention as well as the impact that worldwide health can have on economics. When study into improving global health and efforts are made to implement strategies to improve health throughout the world, it can help to prevent new diseases from spreading locally in the U.S., as well as help to prevent the re-emergence of infectious diseases that have not been a threat in the past decade or so. 

Much of the world’s economies are more interconnected with each other than they have ever been before. International communication, commerce, and travel have become everyday occurrences that are an integral part of the U.S. national economy. Now, more than ever, diseases are not remaining in a local area. While it is hard to pinpoint for sure where a disease that leads to an epidemic starts, the more that is invested in global health, the more likely it is to benefit the U.S. by lowering the possibilities for new diseases to be introduced here.

Key reasons to invest in identifying and controlling emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases helps to promote health abroad. This in turn helps to prevent the international spread of disease which helps to protect the health of people in the U.S.

 U.S. Contributions to Global Health

There are many different  U.S. operated non-government agencies (NGO) and U.S. government agencies (USG) that provide funding, human resources, and technical support to global health initiatives. U.S. agencies cooperate with other countries to help identify and prioritize public health issues.

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