Back pain can impact every aspect of your life, from how often you exercise to the time you spend with your family. Age, physical strain, and other problems can cause this discomfort, and it may even spread to the neck and head if it is not treated. A chiropractic adjustment may be effective for relieving this pain, and learning the answers to a few frequently-asked questions can help you feel more at ease before you seek treatment.

  1. What Is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

 This type of adjustment is performed by licensed chiropractors in medical offices or at locales that offer such services. The goal is to adjust the spine with specific pressure and to manipulate its components. When delivered properly, the adjustment can relieve back tightness and give you a greater range of motion.

  1. Is the Adjustment Painful?

 You may hesitate to have a chiropractic adjustment performed because of the potential pain involved. However, you may feel little to no discomfort during the procedure. Popping and cracking sounds are common as the chiropractor works air from your joints are common, and you will likely not experience pain as you hear them. You may be slightly fatigued afterward, but overall, the adjustments are likely to make you feel better, not worse, upon completion.

  1. Are There Any Risks?

 A chiropractic adjustment can be a safe procedure when it is performed by a professional. Seeking out a licensed, experienced individual is one way you can be assured that the adjustment is done correctly. Before you have your adjustment, your chiropractor will likely assess your physical condition so he or she can prevent any risky movements that could injure you. It is also wise to discuss any existing physical issues you may have, such as arthritis or osteoporosis.

  1. Are the Adjustments Covered By Insurance?

 Your chiropractic adjustments may be covered by private insurance, especially if your general practitioner refers you. Some insurance providers offer a list of chiropractors that are included in your network, so you may want to browse it before you seek treatment.

  1. Are the Results Noticeable?

 The level of relief you feel can depend largely on your individual physical issues and the formation of your spine. Some people experience immense relief in their back pain, while others notice only a minimal difference. If you are not feeling better after your third appointment, you may want to discuss specific goals with your chiropractor and whether a new style of treatment may be more effective for you.

A chiropractic adjustment can help relieve pain in your lower back and allow you to move more freely. Contact a licensed chiropractor today to learn more about how these treatments might improve your quality of life.

Source: Chiropractor Glen Burnie, MD, Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab and Chiropractic